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Traumatize - Servant Of God

Mutant-E Recordsより最新作、”Servant Of God”をリリースした

Proyecto CrisisやReaxion Guerrilla 、Stahlnebel & Black Selket などが
参加していると共に、 C-LekktorやChild From The Crypt、 Larva などが

Traumatizeの持ち味でもある、Dark ElectroとHarsh EBMとの狭間を行く

が、個人的には停滞感あるHarsh EBMより、疾走感やグルーヴに重きを置いた音が
好みなのでProyecto CrisisがFeat.された”Siente la Sangre Correr ”、

Servant Of God

01. Forbidden Game
02. Just A Dream (Feat. Ryan From Free Therapy)
03. Death In Pill
04. Acid Rain
05. Good Or Bad (Feat. Her Furytales)
06. Comatose
07. Human Mistakes
08. Siente la Sangre Correr (Feat. Proyecto Crisis)
09. Password
10. I Want To Kill You (Feat. Reaxion Guerrilla)
11. Patient 6032
12. Society Of Sacrifice
13. Servant Of God
14. Death In Pill (C.Y.M. Remix By Reactor7x)
15. I Am Pain (Touched By Stahlnebel & Black Selket)
16. Death In Pill (C-Lekktor Remix)

01. Acid Rain (Child From The Crypt Remix)
02. Human Mistakes (Remix By Morte Infexion)
03. Death In Pill (Remix By Subliminal Code)
04. Comatose (Die Bastard Die Remix)
05. Acid Rain (hexis Remix)
06. Torment (Vault-113 Remix)
07. Death In Pill (Remixed By Switchface)
08. Servant Of God (NalruN Remix)
09. Servant Of God (Blasphemy Remix By Kraftkrise)
10. Death In Pill (Alienoxir Remix)
11. Patient 6032 (Destroy mix by Larva)
12. Servant Of God (FF.AA Rmx)
13. Death In Pill (SchutzEngel Remix)
14. Servant Of God (Do You Believe Remix By Angels Of Suicide)
15. Password (Valium Era Remix)
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Traumatize - Torment

Dark ElectroとHarsh EBMの狭間を行くポーランドのTraumatizeが、
Mutant-E Recordsより、Debut Albumとなる”Torment”をリリースした。

下記、Myspaceに記載してあるLinkより、Free Downloadできます♪♪♪


01. Shes Dead (Introduction)
02. My Heart is Bleeding
03. Corpse
04. Get a F*ckin' Life
05. Torment
06. Falling into the Darkness
07. Death Dealer
08. Never Gone
09. History Written by Blood
10. Lärm in der Stille
11. Scent of Death
12. Nowhere to Go
13. infection
14. Death Dealer (Say Just Words Remix)
15. Infection (CoexPro HardRemix)
16. Death Dealer (Kriegshund Remix)

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