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Tatari Gami - nonami

Net LabelであるPhantasma13より”nonami”をリリースした
ブラジルのIndustrialユニット、Tatari Gami。

下記のLinkよりFree Downloadできます♪♪♪

It’s very hard to define Tatari Gami sound.
They mix industrial sh*t, BDSM, weird stuff from 80′s, Cat Rapes Dog,
Frontline Assembly, Swamp Terrorists, video-games and punk attitude to
produce a true brazilian industrial sonority (or not!).
I’ll tell you what, I’m sure that you never heard industrial music
with this wild ass groove before. Try it, but don’t forget your “safeword”.

Tatari Gami - nonami

01. Certainly Painfull
02. To Serve
03. Pain Taste
04. STOMP!
05. Robo
06. Cold Dungeon
07. No Escape!
08. Face Whiplash
09. Siervo
10. Devotion/nonami Free Download Page

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